4 Questions to Answer Before Starting Your Next Project

Hi, fellow Indie Hackers,

The Lean Startup is a book most founders usually read at one point or the other. If you've not read it, chances are that you've experienced the frameworks mentioned in the book at your place of work.

It has been 5 years since I last read the book so this was the perfect time for a refresher, as I'm jumping into a new project as we speak.

The Lean Startup operates on the quick feedback and iteration model. However, there's a step before building out a minimum viable product.

The step is deciding whether or not to even build the product. Here are 4 good questions to ask yourself before you jump in headfirst in a project:

  1. Do consumers recognize that they have the problem you are trying to solve?
  2. If there was a solution, would they buy it?
  3. Would they buy it from us?
  4. Can we build a solution for that problem?

Assuming your answer are affirmative, build out an MVP, talk to the customers, measure, learn, and pivot or persevere.

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