Productivity August 18, 2020

4 Reasons Bootstrappers Procrastinate and How to Overcome [summary]

Hieu Nguyen (Jack) @hieunc

Aytekin Tank - Founder of Jotform, shared what he learned about procrastination while scaling his startup to 4.2 million users.

Here is a summary:

All founders procrastinate. But VC-backed founders are motivated to pay investors back and grow the business to survive the next round.

Real reasons we procrastinate

1. The feeling of not making progress makes you think your work isn't being rewarded. To overcome, create "small wins" to provide the incentive to move toward the finish line.

2. Not sure where to start when having too much to do, or spending your time on low-value tasks. To overcome, prioritize tasks to know what to do next. Give no room for guesswork

3. Afraid of pressure or to fail when having others watch over your shoulder, makes you question your worth. To overcome, consistently remind yourself of the difference between who you are and what you achieve.

4. Dislike the task, is the most common reason. To overcome, identify specific steps, where and when you will do it using "if-then planning". For example: If it’s 11 a.m. then I will stop what I’m doing and cold email prospects.

Not all productivity hacks will work for you, and that’s okay. Do your best not to hit snooze in the morning.

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    Agree with all of these, specially 1 and 4. I totally hate doing the marketing part and reaching out to people and end up being not rewarded for the work done.

    1. 1

      hate doing the marketing part and reaching out to people and end up being not rewarded

      I can feel that pain 😅

      Ironically, I'm often aware of productivity, but also often guilty of not making progress. I keep do it anyway.

      It seems more like progress when looking back in a week or a month.

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