4 things startups that succeed do to reach PMF (not what you'd think)

Hey IH! I've been on a minor hiatus from the community (not that y'all noticed), but I'm back 😁.

I wanted to share some research and real world experience that I've discovered while building Obie and working with many startups (and startups that have turned into large companies).

Startups often don't prioritize knowledge management in general. It's often seen as a waste of time and not an area to focus while information is constantly changing early on. What we've found is that a lot of this has to do with looking at KM tools completely wrong and how they should be engrained into your company culture. The winning companies have hindsight, of course—startups don't realize the impact of this until much later when it's become a MUCH larger issue.

There are 4 areas that startups can focus to put KM tooling higher on the priority list and giving them the competitive edge to fight off the competition as they scale.

💪 Commit to documentation-first
📋 Invested in onboarding
💬 Centralize communication and knowledge
🧠. Carefully choose the right format for their information

I've outlined all of these in detail here:

I'd love to hear what the IH's community thinks about documentation, KM tools and knowledge sharing in general. The reasons to NOT focus on this early are obvious, but curious to see if anyone else has come to the same conclusion I have?

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