Design and UX October 28, 2020

4 tips on doing user testing properly

Jim Zarkadas @jimzarkadas

Asking your users to give you feedback on something you built can be tricky.

One simple and effective way to do it is to jump on a call with them, ask them to use it and observe them.

Here is what you should keep in mind:

1. Keep the testing session focused.

Ask your users to complete small focused tasks.
For example: You are building a platform where people can sell products. Ask them to "add a new product".

2. Ask your users to think out loud as they use your product.

This is by far one of the simplest and most effective methods to get insights. It's like getting access into your users' brains.

3. Don't interrupt your users. Listen and observe.

Your goal is not to sell your product or to prove that you are right.
Your goal is to understand how they feel when using it.
Practice your listening skills. It's tough at first but gets better as you practice.

4. Don't test the same thing with more than 5 users.

The best results come from testing no more than 5 users and running as many small tests as you can afford.

Actually even just 2 or 3 will give you plenty of insights!

What do you think?

Feel free to comment below, happy to hear your thoughts!

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