40% Rule (Day 395)

Most of us are familiar with the 80/20 rule. But what the heck is the 40% rule?

The 40% Rule is the idea that when our mind is telling us to quit, that our body has actually only used up 40% of it's potential. Think of this in terms of a workout; how many times have we been deep in a long grinder and that doubt begins to creep into the back of our head? -- Crossfit Invictus

Our mind is responsible for protecting our body, and it does that so well it over-protects us sometimes. The built-in warning system inside of us kicks in and why wouldn't we listen? Giving-up is easy.

It is believed that David Goggins, a retired Navy SEAL, and ultramarathon runner, first coined the term "40% rule". According to the author Som Bathla of "The Power of Self-Discipline", this claim is backed up by researches.

To resist giving up, it takes more than physical strength. It requires mental toughness. And entrepreneurs need that, too. Workouts not only pumps oxygen to our brain, it also gives us the chance to practice the 40% rule and train our mental toughness. No more excuses to skip workouts regardless how busy the schedule is.

Image source: https://brainboostedshop.com/blogs/blogs/the-40-rule

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    Combine this with 70% rule and you are on 110%

  2. 2

    just finished reading the : living with a seal by Jesse Itlzer and Goggins tells him that in the book.
    You should all read it, it's fun and motivating

    1. 1

      i saw a ~10m video of Goggin's on YouTube, it's super motivating. but not motivating enough to finish his entire book, lol.

  3. 2

    You mentioned it's day 395 for you with this rule, how is it treating you?

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      it's day 395 of journaling. i have only started doing that for my running, set the "my mind tells me to stop" as my half way point.😅

      1. 2

        so good. SO GOOD.

  4. 2

    i think about this often. i think:

    my body is telling me to stop; my mind is too. but, i don't actually have to stop. let's see how far i can go.

    1. 2

      when i run, i try to set the "my mind tells me to stop" point as my half-way point😅

        1. 1

          who are we kidding? you are the energizer bunny. you never stop, John! 😜

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