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5 Clean Electricity MVPs in 10 weeks - doable?

I’m going to try to build 5 MVPs in 10 weeks to help people electrify something in their life.

Thoughts on plan?

Jump in to google doc (link in write up) if you want to help with problems people face trying to electrify things in their life!


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    Week 2 update:

    • Building in public with an editable google doc is scary and fun.
    • Saul Griffith shared something last week on neighborhood substations, and it rocked my assumption world. Big question behind these 5 is now something like: “How might those of us who share the same substation be working together 10 years from now in ways we aren’t now?”
    • Most of that space between homes and the big mysterious grid is invisible. Looking to Ella Baker on how to lead, support others in these kinds of conditions.
    • Caroline Hickman - what a gift. Two of her quotes from last week are on top of my dashboard right now: “accept the importance of failure...” & “you don’t need to have the answers, you just need to be curious.”

    Off to start building crappy versions of these.

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