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5 Easy Tips to Get More Comments on Your Blog

Do you want to get more comments on your blog? Many marketers believe that it’s not worth spending hours moderating their blog comments. Especially with the high volume of spammy and low-quality comments that most blogs receive, many marketers disable their comment section.

But did you know that comments can help your blog attract more traffic, boost its engagement, and help it rank higher in search results?

Not just that. Your comments can also strengthen your relationship with your readers and help you build a community. It helps you understand what your readers want to read or think about your content. And by creating content around their expectation, you can build a deeper relationship with them and show them that your readers truly matter to you.

Another very important reason why you need comments on your blog post is that it serves as social proof. More comments on your posts show that people are truly engaging with your content. This encourages other readers to engage with your post too. It’s a good way to attract more readers and boost your engagement rate.

But how do you get more comments on your blog? Let’s find out.

1. Make it Easy for your Users to Comment

The first step to getting more comments on your blog is to make it easier for your users to comment on your blog. Your users will not be interested in commenting if they have to go through a complicated process. So make sure you optimize the process and offer a seamless commenting option for your readers.

For example, you can work on your spam-prevention steps and make them shorter. Although it’s important to add spam-prevention techniques to your blog, making them too long can annoy your readers and convince them to leave without completing the process. Some blogs ask their readers to solve a puzzle or enter codes as part of their CAPTCHA. Your readers may not want to do that to add a comment. So remove such spam prevention options if you have any of them in your blog so that your readers don’t have to go through a long process.

2. End Your Blog with a Question

You must have seen content marketers, ending their blog posts with a question. This is a smart way to encourage your readers to comment on your post and share their views or ideas. But make sure that your question isn’t a complicated one. The idea behind asking the question is to start a discussion or know your reader’s ideas and not to test their knowledge. So keep it simple. You can ask something like - “ What do you think about it?” or “Do you agree with us?”
Such questions can make your readers feel that their opinions matter and they will be encouraged to add their comments.

3. Ask Your Readers to Add to your List

Another brilliant trick to increase your blog comments is to ask your readers to add to your list. This trick works great when you’re creating roundups and listicles. All you have to do is create a list of say, “10 Best WordPress Drag and Drop Plugins”, or any such list related to your business. Now ask your readers to add to your list.

It’s a great way to attract people’s attention and encourage them to comment. You can also use the best comments to improve your list by adding them to your article. When people see you adding their comments to your post they feel valued and are more likely to continue commenting on your future posts.

4. Reply to Comments on your Blog

Your blog comments can help you build a powerful community around your business. But for that to happen, you have to enthusiastically engage with your audience and make them feel welcome to comment. You can do that by replying to the comments you receive on your blog.

This helps you create two-way communication with your readers and helps you start a conversation with them. It’s also a great way to encourage other readers to jump into the conversation and add their feedback, ideas, and opinions. This will help you attract more comments to your blog posts.

5. Encourage your Social Media Followers to Join a Conversation

Social media is a very powerful platform that can help you attract more traffic to your website. Most marketers are aware of this fact and they are utilizing it to their best advantage. But did you also know that you can grow your comments too via social media?

Just share your blog post on your social handles and ask your followers to drop their comments in the blog section. That way your followers will learn about your blog if they don’t know about it already and will be encouraged to read and comment on your posts.

So these are some of the powerful ways to attract comments to your blog post. It is a great way to increase your visibility, attract more engagement and boost your credibility. If you know of any other effective way of attracting traffic to your blog, do let us know in the comments below. We would love to hear from you.

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    I had no idea some blogs required readers to solve puzzles and CAPTCHAs in order to let them comment, what a pain honestly!

    Good article, thanks for sharing :)

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