5 Principles of User Experience Design

Let's look at the five basic principles of User Experience Design.

1. Define your target audience

  • You need to define your target audience before starting design. Start doing some customer research and create a targeted user persona for your product. The target audience is going to affect your design decisions you make.

2. Design for your targeted audience and context of use

  • Now whatever you design, keep your targeted users in the center, and always design for them. By doing this, you can define the context of your targeted user's use, like where they are using this, and how they are using it.

3. Design for ease of use and learning

  • Always keep your eye on designing easy to use software that is easy to learn. You can ask yourself what the person expects to do, what do they want to do next. You've to test your product with your targeted users. Let them use the product, and you observe their behavior. Because what you think is easy to use might not be the case for your targeted users.

4. Make sure the experience is satisfying and engaging

  • Design a product in a way that is not only easy but engaging, and people want to use it again & again. Make the experience enjoyable and pleasant. Think about what will motivate the person for the first time and what will motivate them to come again & again.

5. Human Experience should be the highest priority. No matter what

  • Technology constraints shouldn't stop you from designing the best human experience. I've seen many new founders do this. Don't limit your thoughts and exposure because of the time and budget for the project. Always be the voice of your users.

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P.S. I have some spare time available this week, so I am willing to help a few early-stage products to help them with my suggestions from the user experience point of view. Drop your product link below in the comments, and I will pick a few based on my interests.

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