5 Simple tips to improve Survey Response Rate (RR)

So you created a product MVP, thinking about new product feature or just want to validate idea? Surveys surelly will help.

You spent hours editing and polishing your cool and creative Survey to custdev your product or SaaS. You've put an effort and soul into it.

Finally, you bump into a glass wall. Your favorite Surveys simply don't involve users as it supposed... and have a low Survey Response Rate (RR).

MetaSurvey team have developed a set of simple but essential tips on how to tune up your Survey to be more involving and making higher RR. They work best when applied together. Here are 5 Pro tips:

1. Segment your audience

Whatever channel you use (email, on-site, social network) — segment your audience. Choose different questions and tone for each user group. For example, you can create two different Surveys for male and female audiences.

2. Talk the language of your users

As a business, startup, or social group leader, try to know your audience better. What they do (don't) love, what topics do they discuss, what are their hobbies. Choose audience type - general, knowledgeable, or expert. Select formality - formal or informal. Finally, choose the correct tone: respectful, neutral, friendly, optimistic, or analytical.

3. Try <Swipe Reply> question type

Swipe Reply questions provide the most joyful and engaging user experience. This makes taking a Survey fun and improves the Response rate. Swipe Reply was initially introduced by Tinder. It is MetaSurvey's unique feature ;)

4. Give a shoutout to your users

At the end, follow up respondents with a warm message, using the Custom Goodbye text feature. Everybody likes to be thanked. Giving a few words of gratitude to your respondents increases brand/person trust and improves the chance user will take your Surveys in the future.

5. Make it short and simple

Users don`t like to read much. Neither, they will not take a 40-step 10-minute Survey. Even if they love your product or community. Making just three to four short questions will give valuable feedback and the Response Rate will grow.

We believe, that implementing all these advices will make the audience more involved. It also boosts up Survey Response Rate (RR)!

Tips Summary:

  • Try to segment your audience
  • Choose the right language for your audience
  • Swipe Reply questions works best
  • Shoutout users in the end
  • Make survey short and simple

We hope you will create your high-conversion and engaging Survey, be user-driven and grow!

Check our survey creator and build your High-response Survey ;)

Thanks for reading!

For what purpuses you have used surveys?
  1. Product / Service feedback
  2. Customer feedback (custdev)
  3. Churn survey
  4. Market research
  5. Have not used
  6. Other (comment)
  1. 3

    Hey Indie!

    We gave these tips after collecting & analyzing our customers' response rates through A/B.

    It's simple but powerful😉

  2. 2

    Heya indie! We have spent over 50 hours analizing 30+ competitors and created own A/B surveys to create this Tips!

    Hope you`ll apply them to your surveys and collect more Responses!

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