5 tips that made me grow from 13 followers to 20k followers in 4 months on Twitter....

Let's skip the chit chat and go right into the point shall we?

I went from this:

twitter analytics from february 2021

To this in 4 months:

twitter analytics from july 2021

I picked up twitter on March 28th, 2021 and here are 5 tips that I believe helped me grow quite fast in 4 months

  1. Solve Pain Points

Find those pain points in your niche that people struggle with the most, and offer a concise solution, people will appreciate this.

e.g. In HTML & CSS layout can be a bit of a mess so I put together slides on semantic HTML and how to build real world layouts.

tweet on semantic HTML

  1. Nice Visuals & concise content

People love visual content, so I decided to put together some slides crafted on Figma packed with valuable content.

In addition to this and having in mind that people don't read, they scan, I try to keep the content as concise as possible. This means that the more visuals and the less text they have the better.

  1. Engage with bigger accounts in your community

Twitter is a social platform, therefore it rewards those who engage with others in the community.

I try to engage with other accounts in my niche as often as possible. I try to add value to their posts anyway I can.

Add value, don't comment just because.

example of engaging with other accounts

  1. Reach out to these bigger accounts

Once you have engaged with bigger accounts, and they see that you are not a stranger, ask them for feedback on your XYZ tweet, and to kindly like or retweet it if they found it useful.

twitter message from March 30th

  1. Be nice and respond to every comment

This one is self explanatory, just be nice and engage with people that comment on your tweet. Try to establish a conversation with them, and genuinely help them.

e.g. This is a message I sent today to a person that asked me a question on my last tweet, it's in Spanish, but you get the point.

responding to question

  1. Stay disciplined

In the past 4 months I haven't missed a day of tweeting. Unless you get a shoutout from The Rock, there is no overnight success, just hard work day after day.

It takes me 2 hours a day to prepare content + 1 hour engaging with people in the tech community. That's 3 hours a day on average for the past 4 months.

Maybe this seems a lot to you, maybe it doesn't, just want to convey that there is no secret sauce, at least for me.

Hope you find this post helpful and if you have any questions don't be shy, ask me and I'll do my best to give you an answer.

In case you want to see my twitter https://twitter.com/_georgemoller

Have an awesome day ✌️

  1. 2

    Hey @Jmoller2106, thanks for the great sharing.

    For point #3: reaching out to bigger accounts for RT and Comments requests, how well has it worked for you? How many of these accounts actually helped vs how many requests you've sent out?


  2. 2

    Hi George,

    Thanks for sharing!

    How do you monetize your Twitter now or any plans?:)
    Is it worth spending daily 3-4 hours to grow on Twitter?

    1. 2

      I have no plans on monetizing twitter at the moment. To me it is worth it because it's a win win situation for me. I do this to solidify knowledge on web development, and also to help others, that is my main goal at the moment. If I happen to gain followers in the process that is great!

  3. 2

    Nice post! Straight to the point with tangible advices. Great job getting there and sharing your journey 🙏

    1. 2

      Thank you! glad you found the post useful! tried to make it as concise as possible

  4. 2

    Hi George,
    Awersome tips, Thankyou for sharing.
    Now you’ve reached 20k followers are you seeing a lot of organic growth?

    1. 1

      Yes! I'm really amazed by that, it took me only 19days to reach 24k after that (23.920 technically).

  5. 1

    Madre mia, 20k en 4 meses,...

    Por lo menos has compartido buena información.

    Felicidades y mucha suerte.

  6. 1

    This is super George! Twitter has been on my 'to-do' for a long (long long) time, maybe it IS the time now. Thanks for sharing your story!

  7. 1

    Hi George,

    Thanks for sharing these valuable tips.

    I just had one question about Point number 1. How do you find these pain points on Twitter?


  8. 1

    Great work, George! I happen to be one of your new followers. You showed up on my feed and as a new dev, I find your tweets easy to quickly read and helpful. Quick question: in the beginning did you use hashtags or tag people to get momentum?

  9. 1

    Thank you George! I'll re read it to redefine my twitter strategy

    1. 2

      Glad you liked it Victor! more than happy to help if you need pointers or something, not an expert in this field, but we can all help each other right?

      1. 1

        Sure! Thank you George. I will send you a DM on twitter 🙌🏼

  10. 1

    This is a fantastic journey George - as Shane Parrish once said "Eventually ....

    Execution beats luck
    Consistency beats intensity
    Curiosity beats smart
    Kind beats clever
    Together beats alone"

    You nailed the structure for your reach growth by using all these principles that I follow consistently in my life :)

    If I may, I do have a couple of questions that I would love to hear your thoughts on :)

    1. I'm on a quite new journey of trying to get more exposure in platforms that would assist on getting more traffic to my business. I thought that initially you wouldn't want to initiate threads but respond to influent people thread instead. What's your take on this?

    2. Would you say that the biggest benefit of having a strong audience and large reach on twitter is the authority and relevance you get in the digital ecosystem or is there any other upside or strategy that I'm being short sighted here?

    Btw - I'm saving this post to be my strategy framework on Twitter. :)

    1. 1

      Hi Leticia, so to answer your questions:

      1. That might work, my only concern with an "only replying to influent threads" approach is that people often give you a follow if they like what they see in your profile, so my suggestion would be to have a couple of tweets on your profile that showcase what you have to offer first, this way when people go to your profile after clicking on your dp picture on a thread of an influent person for example, they might consider following you.

      2. In addition to that:
        2.1 Helping others (the feeling of actually helping people is so rewarding)
        2.2 Eventually selling a digital product and earn some side income.
        2.3 Build up your skills, writing daily content for me has sharpen my dev skills a lot.
        2.4 Ask for feedback on pretty much anything and get valuable insight from people.

      Hope you found this answer useful!

      Love that Shane Parrish quote btw.

      1. 1

        Thanks for such a comprehensive response George.

        I guess I'm still on my early stages of writing and posting so it's really unnatural (and almost painful) to sit and write down something that is minimally engaging and interesting.

        Twitter really forces you to synthesise and also have a 'hook' that attracts attention and relevance. This is SUCH a challenge for me... but baby steps!

        Have faith in the process, they say :)

  11. 1

    Congrats! This is really good content. Thanks for sharing.

    1. 1

      Thank you! glad you found it useful!

  12. 1

    Congrats, thanks for sharing, it's been fun seeing you grow like a weed!

    1. 1

      haha Thank you Jeff! really glad we connected on both these platforms.

  13. 1

    I follow you and your content it's pretty EPIC!

    1. 1

      Thank you so much mate! really appreciate this 🙏

  14. 1

    Brilliant points George, thanks for taking the time to map it out. Time to get back to basics! https://twitter.com/chris_brunelli (I'm following everyone here on this thread ;))

    1. 1

      Awesome Chris! I'm following you now as well ;)

  15. 1

    Wow thank you so much for this! I just made a Twitter account a couple days ago, and was struggling to strategize how to grow. This helped a ton.

    I do have a follow up question though! Did you use hashtags? And if so, were they any successful and how many hashtags did you put in one tweet?

    Also, how many people should I be following for a good follow to following ratio?

    thanks a lot!
    My Twitter (just in case) - twitter.com/ayushsoni_io

  16. 1

    3 hours a day consistently..You deserve it George.

  17. 1

    You're doing extremely great with your tips George. Well designed and formed.

    1. 1

      Really glad to see you here Csaba! thanks for the kind words my friend, really appreciate it.

  18. 1

    Thank you this is great

    1. 1

      Please, thank you for taking the time to read this.

  19. 1

    Very helpful, thank you!

  20. 1

    Great advice! I find i struggle a lot with WHAT to say? I have all these plans for daily productivity, Twitter is one of them, but then I stare at the cursor for a few minutes and can't think of anything useful to tweet and move on. Every day i miss out on building an audience and each new day i look back and regret the lost time....THis week I'm focusing on creating some content that I can share so that I have some topics ready to go when it's time to tweet. Thanks for the advice. It's very encouraging.

    1. 1

      Love that you found the post encouraging mate.

      My humble advice would be exactly what you said, set up a list of things that come to mind that you can potentially tweet, doesn't have to be a great idea or anything just write everything that comes to mind and afterwards you can filter that down and pick the ones that resonate with you the most.

      For me ideas come at any moment of the day, I try not to force them. When I come up with something I just write it down to leave a trace to come back later.

      Keep it up my friend, I'm sure you have plenty of valuable thing to tweet about.

  21. 1

    Cheers for sharing. Will discuss these strategies with the team at Spark'n. 👍

    Now that you've built your audience... what's the next step for you?

    1. 2

      I think there is a lot for me to do in terms of building an audience yet. I'm absolutely loving helping others and putting out consistent content, so I'll continue to do that for now.

      I'm also thinking about writing an ebook or an online course on HTML & CSS best practices, but currently I don't have enough time as I work from 9-5.

      Thanks for your kind words btw, really appreciate it :)

  22. 1

    Great insight! What tools do you use to create the designs?

    1. 1

      Thanks Josh! so the tool I use is figma design, you should check it out, it's pretty awesome.

  23. 1

    "It takes me 2 hours a day to prepare content + 1 hour engaging with people in the tech community. That's 3 hours a day on average for the past 4 months."

    Yes that does sound like a lot of time, but audiences rarely come for free! Decent, actionable insights here thanks for sharing.

    1. 1

      Thank you mate! really appreciate it. Yes I really wanted to make an effort to convey that it takes time, I'm not going to sell you that is a 20min per day job, at least for me it isn't. Maybe there are better ways of building an audience, this is what worked for me, but surely, it takes time yes.

  24. 1

    This was very interesting to read! I'm currently building in public and that's the way my Twitter grows, but I like your tips - I might integrate some of them into my workflow.


    1. 1

      Building in public is a great way of growing an audience too mate! glad you like the tips if I can help with anything let me know.

  25. 1

    Did you use any tools? You should sign up for https://marketfly.io - we are creating a suite of social tools.
    One of the tools we are creating is a Twitter tool - it will help you build threads, easily view analytics, and automate messages to increase audience relationships!

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    The tool will be completely free to use for you during your time private testing it!

    I would appreciate any feedback and feature requests.

    Veeraj Mehta

    1. 2

      Thanks Veeraj, so I'm currently using feedhive.io. What I like the most about it is the auto retweet functionality. Haven't checked out marketfly but from the landing page I can tell is looking amazing!

      1. 1

        Thanks for the feedback! We are building a ton of automation for Twitter as well.
        We'd love to see you on there sometime soon and to keep up with updates : https://marketfly.io/waitlist

        Thanks again!

    2. 2

      Hey, nice landing page. How is your product differing from some of the other social media managers out there?

      1. 1

        Unlike other social media management tools, we are focus on social customer relationships. Most SMM tools focus on scheduling. A few focus on engagement. None focus on content, productivity, efficiency, community, CRM, etc. We are creating a tool that makes users more productive while developing higher customer relationships. We also are an end-to-end solution. We have tools that will help you generate content and tools that will increase your engagement. We are building a lot. A lot of options.
        We are slowly releasing more and more throughout the next 3 months. To stay updated and get early access :

        1. 2

          Thanks for the follow up comment. Sounds awesome. I signed up for the waitlist.

          1. 1

            Awesome! Great to have you on our journey!

    1. 1

      My pleasure, hope you found it useful!

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