5 Ways In-App Notifications Can Drive Customer Engagement

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There are more than 1,85 million different apps. And all of them thinking about user engagement. It's cheaper to communicate with in-app users and upsell plans than attract new customers. InAppStory team brings 5 tricks to increase in-app engagement using in-app notifications:

  • Customer Onboarding
    When users fully understand an app – they spend their time quality (not trying to understand the features that increase time quantity). In-app notifications help users in navigation. Customization allows sending relevant content messages based on behavior or geography. It builds a positive user experience from the first taps.

  • Limited-Time Offers
    A separate Forbes report reveals that customers do not want to miss an incredible chance of purchasing a product at a desirable price point.  Using cohort analysis, marketers can understand at what time users are going to return to the app. It is the best time for upselling, and coupons or other offers help to sell quickly because of the time limit.

  • Make Relevant Recommendations
    The average person uses 9 mobile apps per day and 30 apps per month. If the average smartphone user has 80 apps on their phone, more than 62% of those apps don't get used every month. Shortly, they do not have time to look at all your in-app offers. Via notifications, marketers can make users' life easier and better understand the preferences of customers.

  • Price Change Announcements
    No one wants to buy the same at a higher price. That's the reason why this kind of in-app message brings "hot" users.

  • Rewarding Customers
    Loyalty programs help to be always in touch with your audience and get valuable feedback. Encourage users to contribute to the community via in-app messages in exchange for prizes or discounts for loyal fans.

An alternative way to communicate with in-app users – a familiar Stories format. More and more apps embed Stories as a great tool for communications in apps.

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    I think those are all great points.
    Mostly I agreed with making relevant recommendation.
    As part of the ongoing world to personalization, tools like Twik help delivering each user the most relevant product recommendation that will most likely help the user not only engage, but to also fulfill the business objectives.

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      Thanks for your thoughts!

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