5 Ways Microblogging can help your startup

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    I think micro blogging can be quite a confusing topic for people. A problem I’ve seen is that people often confuse their blogs purpose and instead use it to sell hard product and company updates.

    Your blog should give your prospective customers something of value that they are looking for, thus demonstrating why they should use your business in the long run.

    The risk with micro blogging is that we confuse it as a way to talk about our products and businesses and forget about what value we can provide to our customers and prospects.

    Happy to hear if you’ve noticed similar?

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    Hey @dory_ng - there are SO many. Here is a pretty comprehensive list by Hubspot - https://blog.hubspot.com/marketing/micro-blogging

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    Thank you for the link. What are popular micro-blogging platforms other than Twitter?

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      My team has built a growing list publication network. We recognize the benefits of publishing short-form content and have made it easy for content creators to re-publish their work. I am not sure if that fits the definition of "micro-blogging," regardless I'd encourage you to check it out here: https://www.yadayadayada.io/become-a-creator

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