6 Lessons From The Father of Advertising, David Ogilvy

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    This was an absolutely fascinating thread. I've read Ogilvy before but this was refreshing and gets you refocused on what's truly important: Results.

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      Glad it was of use to you! Yeah, Ogilvy didn't play around.... and he's right.

      I feel like the 80s were crazy.. it used to be all about the bottom line. Lying, pollution, all fair game.

      I wonder if our generation sometimes got ethical whiplash from that and went too far in the opposite direction.

      Now, the default seems to be purpose-driven and screw revenue. Doesn't take long for reality to set in when you can't afford rent though.

      Think they had it right in the 80s... just needs to be dialed back a few notches toward purpose-driven.

      But if you don't have the money, your intentions are irrelevant because you can't act on them.

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        I really like the way you think and write. It is pretty refreshing from a lot of the noise on Twitter / the internet lol.

        Looking forward to more posts / insights!

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          As one is stumbling in the dark, trying to figure out what resonates, these are the messages that warm one's heart.

          Much appreciated!

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    Great info but are people actually reading all those threads? Bad format. Just copy and paste it here and link your twitter account.

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      Noted and very much appreciated.

      Thanks, friend.

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    I always like hearing about lessons from Ogilvy, so thank you for that! (I am a copywriter, though, so that might affect it.) I love how you took lessons from him and explained how to actually apply it. A lot of your thread is high-level marketing strategy. Unfortunately, people these days mainly want quick growth hacks they can implement right away.

    I think this thread would also make for a fantastic article!

    I just followed you and can't wait to read more. :) In any case, I advise you to keep at it. There is definitely an audience for thorough content about the basics of marketing, and how to implement them.

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      A lot of your thread is high-level marketing strategy. Unfortunately, people these days mainly want quick growth hacks they can implement right away.

      Don't I know it haha. I'm an entrepreneurial scientist. Used to talk about very high lvl stuff, literature etc.

      But I realized it's time to just accept what people want. So I'm trying to cut back on the content that's high in cognitive friction and make it more appealing to the general population.

      Thanks for your generous comment, it's very helpful and much appreciated.

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        I don't think I've heard of entrepreneurial scientists before, so I'm really interested in how that works :D I'll have to go through your Twitter feed to learn more. It seems fascinating!

        I think it'd be good to have a split of eye-catching, quickly-consumed content, and then also have the in-depth pieces. The first kind would definitely attract traffic, and then the second kind would educate those who would like to be educated. And it's valuable - they're not going to find it elsewhere. :)

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          Yeah, sure.. shoot me a DM on Twitter. Would simultaneously love to ask you a question or two to do some cust dev.

          Good point. I've noticed that as well.

          Stories and listicles seem to do best.

          I shipped this thread on how Corona blew up Cinco de Mayo.

          I expected it to do well, and it did. I'm still learning how to set aside my ego and focus on the audience. Something which I can only imagine you, as a copywriter, excel at.

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            I lol'd at Charlie the goat ...... so thank you for that! :') I love that you contextually connected different things and offered your own perspective and unique style. Most of the time, it looks like everyone on Twitter has the same copywriter lol.

            Regarding setting aside your ego - well, at least you'll be a recognizable brand, so it's not bad. In my experience, I prefer working with clients whose tone of voice matches some of my those I do well (casual, helpful, or snarky and cool). But a thorough audience research project is definitely necessary. Sometimes you strike gold, but sometimes you have to make compromises to reach that audience in the first place, unfortunately.

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              Hahah such a good phrase. Love that show!

              Appreciate that!

              Yeah, fully agree. Thanks : )

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    Again, I clicked on a thread of someone that only promotes his tweet, which can be ok if the content is ok, but so sorry, it's really not interesting.

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      You don't need to apologize. I'm grateful for the feedback. Wish you did like it though... spend 4 hours making this thread and I thought it was very insightful and that the chances people have seen this before were slim (given the resources I used).

      But hey, if I missed the mark, that's on me.

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        nice reply, sorry again, I realize I was hard :(
        Just saying, because it's hard to read a Twitter thread, a medium article is so much easier to read. And I guess that reading one tweet, and then, another one, and then the other one, I lost interest in the content. It's purely personal.

        But no worry, for one complaining guy (like me), there is 10x people that liked your content ;)

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          No worries brother. If anything, I'm super grateful you were honest because that allows me to learn and make the type of content people like you actually will like.

          Ah, yeah that makes sense.

          I'm trying to grow my Twitter so I'm still experimenting a lot, learning a lot, and making plenty of mistakes haha.

          I do have longer form essays here https://www.YounglingResearch.com.

          What I can do is just take the time to make this thread native to Indie Hackers.

          I'll do that, and see if people think the information in it is useful.

          Thanks again, friend.

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