6️⃣ Mistakes we've made that tanked our first SAAS.

📆 In 2017 I decided to quit my job to go the bootstrapped way.

🐝 Today I'm grateful that ScrapingBee is doing well, making more than $400k ARR after 2 years.

❌ But the first attempt was a complete failure, reaching only $700MRR after one full year.

✍️ I've made a lots of mistake during that time, and I wanted to sharing all of them.

I hope that it will help you in your bootstrapped journey!

Mistake n°1: Thinking reading books was enough.

I've read countless number of books about startups and entrepreneurship before launching PricingBot

It really taught me much more than what I learned in university, but it was far from enough.

Books often show you one way to make it work while not talking about all the other way to make it fail.

They tend to skip the part where you have absolutely no idea what you're doing.

Lesson: Books are great, but ultimately, your experience is your best teacher.

The other mistakes are:

  • n°2: Thinking users is the same as customers
  • n°3: Thinking that understanding and industry and its users were the same thing.
  • n°4: Thinking that results grow linearly with effort made
  • n°5: Thinking that there was a silver bullet.
  • n°6: Thinking it wouldn't take long

It's all here 👇.

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