6 Questions I Use for Judging Ideas

When thinking about startup ideas, you’ll have a bunch of ideas. With my previous company, my partners and I used a simple set of questions to choose between ideas. Now on my new journey, here’s a revised way of choosing my future idea. Note: Every time I’ve written “we” I really meant “I”, just to feel better with myself :)

  1. Do we want to do it?
  2. Can we do it?
  3. Who else can do it? Is it unique enough?
  4. What are the Tool/Psychology weights?
  5. How long is the sale cycle?
  6. How big is the Market (Size + Competition)?

While 5 are self explanatory, the one criteria that’s probably raised some eyebrows was #4. Here’s what I mean by it. From the perspective of the user, software can interact with the user in two ways:

  1. Help the user work with their external world
    1.1. This usually affects speed/price/comfort/quality or a combination
  2. Help the user work with their internal world
    2.1. This usually deals with how the users define themselves
    2.2. Examples:
    2.2.1. Tasks management
    2.2.2. Social platforms

Criteria #4 asks to assign weights for each of these user interactions. The more you’re leaning towards the Tool company - you’re providing a solution that deals with their external world - and you’re judged by a clearer set of metrics. It’s often easier to iterate - if you talk with your users. On the other hand - there’s something magical with a company that deals with interaction #2. Harder to figure out, but can connect with many different people.

What criteria to you use to judge your ideas?

BTW - I’m working on my writing skills and would appreciate your constructive inputs via DM/comments below.

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