Growth July 10, 2020

6 reasons to verify user's email 👀

Falak Sher @FalakSher

(1) I've had a few cases now where people signed up with the emails of others. They didn't get further than sending the activation e-mail, but if they did, you had a fake email in your systems and newsletter. A lot of overhead to get those out again.

(2) Mistyping emails is soo much more common than you might think. If you're unlucky, someone mistypes their email, pays, and then locks themselves out – more work for you.

(3) Due to privacy concerns, it‘s often necessary for the European Union to use a double opt-in procedure. The reason is to make sure that the user really gave his consent. Especially when you already enter some kind of contract. Even trials can be already a contract-based relationship.

(4) It raises the bar for spammers. Requiring a verified email address stops a lot of automated spam crawlers.

(5) If you don't then sensitive information or spam can be sent to someone else's email.

(6) Users can "sign up" with unlimited fake email addresses if you have a free trial (and don't require a social media login).

Credits: Comments of this IndieHacker's post

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    I started filtering all disposable emails (a list of 30k+ domains) on all of my websites, a few months ago, and that helped a lot with spam too.

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      I think all SaaS makers should implement this

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    Broken email addresses also hurt your sender score (because of the high bounce rate and if you're in the email business, or else you won't mind maybe).

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    This is an interesting post - I’m currently adding email verification as a service as a feature on my products ( I’ve seen a lot of people speak about mail verification lately and whether it’s worth the effort - if I can make it an easy to use feature on my product then maybe it will help people

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    Your list is pretty spot-on!

    About your point n°6 >> Do you have a list of throwaway email providers you currently use to exclude from your register funnel?

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      You will get this in the incoming newsletter. but I think you are in a hurry, so here it is a database of over 30 000 throwable email domains.

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        Thank you so much @FalakSher !!!

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          Hey there - any chance we can get in touch? I don't have twitter, so I can't contact you there. My email is in my bio :)

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            Sure! I'll reach out to you