6000+ word guide on 33+ Best No Code Tools you will love 😍

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    This is awesome, I see some tools I don't know yet there (Paperform, Coda...), Thanks !

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      Hey @moniquesexperiments thank you for the kind words and saying it's awesome :) - Oh yeah Coda is great and Paperform is amazing too! Highly recommend :)

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    Great list. What did you use to build this website? Is this no-code as well :-)

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      Thank you! Haha of course. Mainly Webflow and Airtable for this project 😊

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    Awesome resource, thanks. And an equally awesome logo.

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    No-code movement is awesome. I really liked the suggestions, the animated logo- not so much, but it wasn't too bad of a distraction.

    Have you maybe considered doing affiliate marketing for the companies you're promoting as you're pretty much doing free advertising for them? I think that could be cool for you as probably you would be able to earn extra revenue, and at the same offer more value to your visitors through deals

    1. 2

      Hi @block thanks for the comment. Glad you like the article + appreciate the feedback with the gif.

      It's a good idea doing affiliate and has potential yes but did this really just to provide free value for the community. Did this write up + my other resources as a passion of mine in this case rather than affiliate. Going to do some other projects that will be more focused on affiliate for sure.

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    The animated logo is really distracting. Hard to focus on the actual content.

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      Hey @ebakken appreciate the feedback, will consider not making the header menu sticky.

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    In my opinion, the "no-code" trends is going everywhere. If now, a "no-code" tool is a only a tool, so every Saas is a no-code, and then, it's non-sense

    You list template builder, email company, zapier,..

    Great article, but it lists more "automation" tools than "no-code" tools

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    Great list @dansiepen. Really enjoyed reading through them. Given that some tools offer similar features it would be great to see a version of this which is the 'list of tools every startup should know about' ie 1 from each category and cover all the areas a startup should be thinking about; data analytics, UX monitoring, Customer Support etc

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      Hi @Ronana really glad you like the list and really good suggestion in terms of layering it out. I actually did wrote a piece as well on 75+ best marketing tools I like which may help with what you're looking for: https://www.dansiepen.io/best-startup-marketing-tools :)

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    Just pinned this as a tab to go back to anytime I need a reminder there's probably a quicker way to build something. Thank you!

    1. 1

      That's amazing to hear @michaelmeloni :) - I will be keeping it updated too. More tools to come as I use/try them out :) - Any feedback you have or questions let me know!

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    What's more amazing than this article is your Webflow site (so cool/fun)! Did you build it yourself?

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      Haha so glad you like it :) - As you can imagine, took a lot of time to create but totally worth it with comments like this. Yep, built on myself on Webflow :)

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    Thanks, @dansiepen and @shooting_unicorns. Using pory.io I could take my idea from words and thoughts to a real website.

    1. 1

      No worries @scooch :) - Pory is amazing and seen lots of good reviews and tweets about Pory!

      1. 1

        @scooch what are you going to build? :)

        1. 2


          A no prior experience job board to help fresh graduates or changing career peers find jobs with no previous experience in the field.

          1. 1

            Oh awesome! I like it :)

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    Awesome list Dan.

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    Thanks for the list...def. will go through it and I'm sure I'll be able to find some new tools I didn't know before!

    1. 1

      No worries @Wenzel :) - Absolutely! Let me know which ones you discover.

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    I loved the UI of your website. <3

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      Thank you heaps @nanowhiz 😊🙌

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    Looks great Dan! You went all out on this one!

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      Thanks @veebuv I really appreciate it! Put quite a bit of time into this not going to lie haha :)

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    This is an amazing resource. Thank you so much for putting it together!

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      Oh thanks Max, I really appreciate it! Glad you like it :)

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    That web page is slightly overwhelming...

    1. 1

      In a good or bad way? Keen for feedback :)

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        In a bad way. It's too bright for my eyes!

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