$7,056 ARR in 7 days after launch (+ some lessons). What else should I share?

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    $7K ARR after only 7 days is a great achievement.
    As they say - if you can get 10 people to pay for your product, there's a good chance that you can get 1000 people to pay for it as well.

    This is definitely a good start!
    Congratulations, Daniel 🎉

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      if you can get 10 people to pay for your product, there's a good chance that you can get 1000 people to pay for it as well.


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        Yep, heard that from Andrew Gazdecki as well 💡

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      Thanks for taking the time to write this Simon!

      I sure as hell hope you're right - let's get it together 🧡

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      What about if you can get 10 people to click on a subscribe button :P that's where I'm at! The only motivation that keeps me going tbf.

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    Inspiring. Well done.

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      Thanks for taking the time to support this 🧡

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    Hey IH, after the previous post ($4k ARR in 4 days) was well received here, I wanted to post this so I can ask:

    What more can/should I share about the journey?

    Obviously, milestones perform better, but I wish I had more ideas about what other stuff I can share — knowledge, experiments, etc...? Any suggestions/questions are welcome!

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      Did you just deploy your MVP with an expectation of then learning from customers and pivoting towards product-market fit? Or did you do thorough customer interviews and problem discovery before building anything at all? Or something in between?

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        We already knew people were paying for this, so we went straight into it. But the answer is closer to the first thing you said — it was (and still is) a huge bet on the pricing model — we don't know whether it'll pay off properly or not

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    Absolutely love that.
    Did you try to sell it to eBay sellers?

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    Nice one. How'd you go about launching it and getting people aware of the product?

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    😮 Amazing! I love visiting IH just to see amazingly inspiring stories like this.

    I got one question...how does it feel? :P

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      IH is great thanks to ppl like you who take out a bit of time to support such things! Sending love 🧡

      How does it feel? It feels like the game is on: not as in pressure, but as in... responsibility. For my family (the aim is to build a platform of wealth for my family), for our users, for my co-founder (who is my brother, who is only 17 years old)... it's not even half time!

      But of course it feels nice to have a positive feedback loop — it wears off after a bit. Once you taste it you know how to recognize it next time

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        Your brother is so lucky to get this opportunity and experience 💪. Keep up the good work.

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          I think he deserves more credit than me, honestly! He's been the lead behind the 1,000,000 words written in our library of guides

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    What's your product?

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      It's authenticate.legitcheck.app 👀

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      Might be: https://legitcheck.app/

      Beautiful product 👌 I'd like to know what designer did the landing page so I can hire him (or her) 😄

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        I made it actually! I'll take that as a great compliment

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      Thanks for taking the time to write this 🧡

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      Thanks for taking the time to write this 🧡

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    That's awesome @chddaniel 🎉
    Been following the progress on Twitter - a great example of how to efficiently convert social capital -> economic capital. Wishing you all the best with this going forward!

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    I'm following your journey on Twitter and I'm impressed with such big numbers only 7 days after launch! Congrats and keep hustling.

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      Thx so much Dan! Glad to have you on the journey. What else/more can I share?

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        So far, you are doing great! There is a ton of little things we can learn from each other's journeys!

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