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7,973 Leads and $50k in Revenue From One Exit Popup. Here's How Rudy Mawer Did It.

Not using exit popups in your marketing is like benching one of your star players.


Because (when done right) they can literally turn abandoning visitors into full on customers—in a matter of seconds.

Case in point: This exit popup from the team at Rudy Mawer was directly responsible for securing 7,973 leads and over $50,000 in revenue within two months of going live

So, we decided to break down in a blog post exactly why it worked so well. We cover:

😍 A breakdown of what a $50K popup looks like
💪 The 3 key principles behind why it converted so well
📈 Exit popup benchmarks to judge your own success on
😓 5 common mistakes to avoid with exit popups
🚀 How to create your own exit popup (with templates)

So, take a look at the post now if you want to learn what goes into an exit popup that generates serious leads and revenue.

Click here to check it out

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    Interesting article. I'm always curious what the bigger picture, long-term outcome of exit pop ups are. Marketers can easily post triumphant $50k stats like here, but what does that do to your visitors over the long term? Harder question to answer, but I'd love to see someone try.

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