7 advice to start marketing as a developer

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    The linked twitter thread, without emojis:

    1. STOP BUILDING. Yes, that's the first step. Stop it. You already started? Your next feature will wait a bit. You didn't start yet? Don't! Use #nocode to create a landing page instead. Now that you've stopped, you need to focus on one thing: Talk to people!

    2. Split building/selling. Of course, you won't stop forever. I love the @yongfook approach to this: Spend 50% building, 50% selling. That's a good starting point. Build for a week, and spend the whole next one selling what you built.

    3. Selling isn't evil! As a developer, we see marketers and salesman as people that want to convince by all means. That's 100% FALSE. The best way to sell isn't about convincing, it's about understanding the needs of your customers. It's about HELPING OTHERS.

    4. Start Writing. One of the easy ways to start marketing is by writing. Create a Twitter account, start a blog, create a newsletter… Talk about your expertise and help people, give them free value. That's super-efficient, after a few months you'll have great results

    5. Fight your shyness! I know talking with strangers can be super intimidating (even more if English isn't your first language) That's a skill, like any other. The more you do it, the easier it gets. Start with friends, get Twitter friends on the phone for instance…

    6. Learn from the best. There is no magic, you'll need to learn and work hard. Here are the best accounts to follow:

    1. Be part of a supportive community. It's always better to learn with others. You will learn faster, that will be way more fun! The best one:
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      This summary would be even greater if the links to the relevant Twitter accounts where fixed. ;)

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        I'll make a blog post about it and share it here next week!

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    Real talk... very inspiring, merci @xavier ;)

    " know talking with strangers can be super intimidating (even more if English isn't your first language) " I totally recognize myself 😅

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      Hehe, I've been there.

      Just do it as much as you can, starting with friendly people. Im totally ok with that now

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    Thanks, I struggle with this.
    The book lean startup and several posts here are helping me get better.

    Unshamed plug to what I'm building - https://breaktime.goforbg.com

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