7 Browser Extensions That Make Money (by Indie Developers)

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    Some of the ones that was missed here:

    • Huntr chrome app.
    • I am guessing all the competitors of closet tools and extensions on Bepop also makes good money.
    • LinkedIn automation tools.
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      Oh cool! Do you have links for any sources?

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        You can find many of them for sale on MicroAcquire. They have to list the revenue there. Some of the tools on the 'Closet Tool' space make around 80K in the first year itself. Same for LinkedIn automation. In MicroAcquire though they dont give the company name, but you can glean this in many cases.

        For Hunt tool, you can search here on in Google and can see reference to 13K per month revenue.

        Hope this helps. Thanks for the original post.

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    Hey Glen, are you going to implement PayPal as well for ExtensionPay?

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      Yep that’s the plan!

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      What was your tech stack on that product? Just Vanilla JS?

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        Vanilla, React, Node

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