7 Indie Hackers Applied for Inc. 5000 2020

Understanding the Inc. 5000 and what it means for Indie Hackers

An inside and out investigation of the Inc. 5000 organizations recorded in 2019.

What is Inc. 5000: list of the fastest-growing, privately-held companies.

When companies are featured on “Inc. 5000” they often see sales spike and press mentions pick up, but what does the list mean for Indie Hackers? We decided to find out.

Inc. 5000 ranked companies often see sales spike and additional growth, so what does the list mean for you? I decided to find out.

I research all 5,000 companies to identify trends and here is what I learned:

Making it onto the Inc. 5000 isn't simple. Figure it out and you'll see that there are 15 organizations that make the cut per million in the United States.

I needed to know explicitly where this development was coming from. While you likely won't be shocked to realize that California had the best number of organizations on the Inc. 5000.

I Like Growth. You Like Growth?

Top categories: Software, Health, and Consumer Products.

Highest growth companies: specialty food sector

Number of companies that made the list 10+ times: 106

Growth rate: between 100 and 200% annually

Number of $1B companies: 10

Indie Hackers Applying for 2020 Inc. 5000: TBD
Indie Hackers (working with Shap Coaching) Applying for 2020 Inc. 5000: 7

Indie Hackers Ranked on the 2019 Inc. 5000: 17
Indie Hackers (working with Shap Coaching) Ranked on the 2019 Inc. 5000: 5

I hope this inspires you to get into action.

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    Thanks for sharing Tony, is there something similar for the UK or Europe?

    1. 1

      Not to my knowledge.

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