Self Care February 10, 2020

7 years of giving up on projects (finally launched!)


I have always tried to do large projects over the years and have always given up, been called a loser, lost morale, gone into depression, but hopefully with the support of this community (joined today), looking to turn things around.

No more building huge things anymore till there is market demand.

Launched GroupHire within an hour using glide today:

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    Hi there

    Great to have you with us. If you are new to IH, then there is a ton of really useful material. The podcast interviews are solid gold for learning about the process. Courtland's story is also one of trying large projects before he hit on the one that changed everything.

    I would think most entrepreneurs have had to try and fail (I certainly have), and it is part of the process unless you are really lucky.

    Keep going and remember to enjoy it :)

    ps I like the look of your app - a great start.

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      Thank you