70 Projects Launched in 20 years

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    Thank you for sharing this interview, Anthony. That level of work output is incredible! I've actually been thinking of booking coaching time with @mubashariqbal as I saw he offers that service on PH. I've been working on just one project for the last few years ... not being a developer it takes me a lot longer to build something. Congratulations on your achievement!

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      Hey. DM me on twitter and we'll setup a time to chat!

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      Well 70's a bit of a low ball 😁

      https://iworkedon.com/@mubashariqbal is a list of the stuff I've launched there's probably 20-30 more that didn't get launched.

      Plus that's just my fun side project, there's probably just as many projects that I did for work 🤣

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        Just wouaw !! What do you mean by the status "left" ? It mean sold? dead ? because some of "left" projects are still online

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          Left typically mean's I worked on project for a while to help others get started, then I left the project for others to carry on running.

          Sometimes I get paid, sometimes I keep some equity, but the project keeps going without me.

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          Thanks, just gotta keep plugging away.

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        Yea haha, I went with your iworkedon as a base point but guessing it's over 100 based on our call. Thanks again for coming on :)

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        lol! so good. inspiring. i'm looking at all his stuff! i'm obsessed... help meeeeeee.

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    Very cool! I'm launching about 3 projects / year, so this is very relatable for me.

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      Pace is definitely picking up, the first 5-10 years I wasn't very productive 😀

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    Mubashar Iqbal @mubashariqbal, best known as Mubs, has been making and shipping projects on the internet for over 20 years, now he's at over 70 (probably closer to 100), and he did it all while working a full time job.

    At this interview we dig into his process, his philosophy on indie hacking, and practical advice for makers of all experience levels.

    One thing I took away is that Mubs is always scratching his own itch. He rarely if ever builds a project with the intent of making money, most of his projects don't include any way to pay him at all. When a project takes off it seems more like a happy accident than anything else.

    Of course, when you've launched almost 100 projects, it would be hard not have some big successes. For example, one hackathon project he built called https://willrobotstakemyjob.com got 14 million page views before he sold it 18 months later, and another more recent project he traded away for a new MacBook Pro.

    It was a fun conversation, so hope some other indie hackers will enjoy it as well :)

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      Thanks for having me on, fun chatting!

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