75+ Best Startup Marketing Tools for any budget

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    Where is the budget aspect of this? There are no prices or anything? This already exists like 4000 times on the internet...

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      Valid point with the budget aspect. I admit definitely haven't made it clear enough. Going to add it as a new tab for each of the card tools. Thanks for pointing that out!

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    This is awesome! Well done :)

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      Thanks Julian I appreciate it :)

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    @dansiepen I love this great resource! 🙌

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    awesome man! thanks for sharing! :)

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    Thanks for the roundup! Already added to my bookmarks :)

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      Awesome! Really glad to hear that @jpsarmiento :)

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    Thanks for posting and I still think it's a good idea. I clicked because of the "free" tag but I honestly don't want to go through every tool and check either the description for the word "free" or - even more complicated - go to the website and search for the information.
    A real value would be to:

    1. define monthly budget, and then your tool
    2. shows what's possible, available
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      Hey @Wondarar thanks for the comment and love the ideas you've mentioned. Where is the tag "free" you mentioned sorry?

      With "define monthly budget, and then your tool" this is clever and like the idea. I was thinking of doing something like this at first but due to time went with what I've have now, but this would be pretty neat. Good suggestions, thank you :)

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    Very thorough and elegantly put. Thank you for this!

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      Awesome I'm really happy to hear that! Thank you and glad you like it! :)

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    Brilliant stuff. Thanks for this.

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    Great resource! Thanks Dan!

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    Amazing, thanks for this Dan!

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      Cheers @veebuv glad you like it and appreciate the support :)

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