800K Shopify Stores crawled: What should we do next?

Hi everyone

✅TL;DR: We started analyzing 800k+ Shopify stores, reached some meaningful insights, and would like to talk to you.

This is a quick story of how we decide that there were not enough data resources for Shopify stores and we decide to launch Shopgram. (https://shopgram.io/)

💡How we came up with the idea

Back in 2019, while Shopify was getting more attention and more successful Shopify stores were popping up, we decided to do some more in-depth look into them.

Our first thought was to help those who want to start a shop, look into how many products are sold in their niche, how many stores operate in their country, and how they would compare against them.

It was a cool project we looked into and to be honest, monetizing it was and isn't a thing for us

❔How does it work

We looked into ways to see which websites use Shopify, found some ways, and started crawling them.

We decided it was a good idea to look into their structures, products, and where they're from. After that, It was cleaning and categorizing it to get more meaningful data from them.

P.S: We would love to share any questions you may have about it as well.

👨‍💻👩‍💻Let’s turn it into something more complete

We launched on ProductHunt, got some amazing feedback from there, and have started to expand our functionalities even more based on our amazing feedbacks. Now you can search any product in the database, search any Shop name and even see detailed summaries of shops and products easily.

📈Things we want to improve

Any product is as good as what the users think of it and since this data is from Shopify stores and is meant to help them, we decided to reach out to this community!

We have a good community of Shopify store owners who have helped us build and improve it, and yet We believe it CAN be better.

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    See if you can pull in the apps that those stores use (crawl the html looking for identifiers/scripts etc). New and existing merchants like to see what apps stores are using.

    Also if you are getting good traffic and can prove that, il pay for an ad for my app and more.

    1. 1

      What's niche is your app?

    2. 1

      Thanks for the feedback a lot, and your suggestion is a great one and we will look into building this feature into it soon!
      Currently getting some decent traffic into the site, but we haven't looked into monetizing it yet, however, this would be a nice addition too.

  2. 1

    Can you do for WooCommerce too?

    1. 1

      it is a good idea, however, the focus for now has been on Shopify stores only.
      We'll add it to our timeline too!

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