9$ vs 29$ vs "Pay as you go"

I kind of am in an intellectual struggle here. What pricing delivers a more premium feel without pushing smaller accounts away?

In German, there is a saying: "What costs nothing is worth nothing".

I launched Vatfy a couple of days ago and validated the idea beforehand. Long story short, lots like the idea and service, but it seems like my target audience is more "enterprise-y" and thus the low cost kind of deter them from purchase. After all, I do sell compliance in a way and they want to be sure that my service is there, after they integrate it into their payment flows.

This keeps me thinking if I should switch to a higher pricing model, but I also want to retain bootstrappers and indiehackers.

Current price structure is either free (with a lower monthly request limit), the standard plan with 9$/month and enterprise plans, which need to be negotiated.

I was thinking to increase the pricing to 29$ for the standard plan, and additionally add pay per use after a threshold of requests, which would enable me to put everyone on a standard plan, and just have the first couple of requests per month free of charge.

How would you tackle this dilemma?

What pricing delivers more a more premium feel without
  1. Keep freeplan, and keep standard plan at 9$/m
  2. Keep free plan, but raise the standard plan to 29$/m
  3. Remove free plan, and put everyone on a single plan
  4. Remove free plan, and put everyone on a pay as you go plan (threshold triggers monthly paid plan)
  5. Keep free plan, and put everyone on a standard plan for 29$ with a pay as you go addition
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