98,979 pageviews (+8.13%) and more — Reddit SaaS is now being "built" in public

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    Hey folks, so as I'm building a new tool called PriceUnlock in public, I realised another 'product' (is it a product?) or mine can be publicly and transparently shared: /r/SaaS

    I've been running this community from about 4,000 subscribers 'til today, where we sit at 17,400+ subscribers (look out for next months' report 👀)

    Would love to share anything else I can about this, as running and building a community are two pieces of advice we often hear, but I myself haven't seen too much transparency in communities — my best bet is that happens because it's still early days for building in public.

    At the same time I pose a question to you: what community are you a part of that you love?

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      I love some communities for entrepreneurs on Fb. You can find there lots of interesting and useful contacts or product feedback!
      I'm a newcomer on Reddit therefore I pose a question to you: what was the reason to start your own community on Reddit?

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        Thanks Eve! Didn't really start it myself actually - it was started in 2008. I just took over it about 2 years ago and it had about 4,500 members.

        You're more than welcome on it. Reddit has its own flavour, as do FB communities or IndieHackers itself

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          Thanks! I'll try not to disobey the rules more)

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