A 1000$ Partnership per month with Ruttl 🤝

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Hope everyone in the community is safe and sound! 🙌

Lately, I have been trying to maximize my product's reach in order to boost user acquisition rate. After few attempts of striking discussions with potential prospects, I have come across few online listing platforms who are offering me 400 clicks per month for a quarterly payment of USD$ 3600.

I've done the math and here are my estimated monthly calculations:

  • Total Signups : 0.2 * Clicks = 80 signups
  • Paying Customer : 0.05 * Signups = 4 Paying customers
  • Revenue per month: USD$ 7 * 4 = USD$ 28

In order to reach a monthly breakeven, I need to run the promotions for at least 40 months, which is completely absurd.

So here is what I think could be a possibility:
I might be sounding a bit demanding here but I would love to pay USD$ 1000 per month on a retainer model if I can get at least 400 signups per month.

If someone in the community can help me achieve this target, please comment below and help me out. I'd be happy to talk further and see if we can do a long-term business together! ✨

Harsh 💯

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    All clicks are not created equal. I've never heard of any instance where someone bought clicks and got the right quality of traffic they intended on

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    That would be a waste of money if the traffic you are getting doesn't have commercial intent.
    Such offers are plenty where they commit traffic for a certain amount of dollars.

    I would rather focus on understanding the pain points of signups and do the research for relevant keywords your clients are using.
    Then create a landing page including what's best happening on Google's 1st page.

    Creates free SEO traffic after min 3 months but highly sustainable growth.

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    You need clicks and eyeballs strictly from sites that provide services and information to webdevs more than anyone. I would be haunting their communities and FB groups. You should also reach out to bloggers in the webdev arena to get your product tested, reviewed and included in their downloadable guides like "web dev tools for 2021" and that sort of thing. Anyone blogging in the space needs content ideas so you can do an interview with them or whatever, you could aqlso sponsor their emails with pricing based on reach and open rates. What is the source of the clicks you were offered? I would do email outreach to agencies as well. Your breakeven appears to be based on the lowes tier of pricing as a worst case scenario but the next step up is more than triple the first pay level so your payback may be more like 20 months (still not good however).

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    Am I right that you would have payed 3.600 per 400 clicks and are offering to pay 1.000 per 400 sign-up (2k clicky with your calculation). Or do you have a typo? Just for clarification 🙂

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    Just looking at your website, what's the difference between collaborators and members?

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