A bootstrapper's tech stack - how my startup runs (literally)

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    The Laravel ecosystem is pretty great for bootstrappers.

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      Yeah, Laravel is very good

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    Great article, I especially appreciated the parts about Laravel Forge & Laravel Nova. As someone that's never used PHP/Laravel before, this has intrigued me into wanting to try it out.

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    Laravel seems to increase productivity for most devs.

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    Interesting, I personally don't like the Laravel ecosystem but interesting to see what others do with it.

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    Nice! Thanks for sharing

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    Super helpful write-up. Thanks!

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    Interesting read, super practical. Love your opinion on GA. :)

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    @ValCanBuild - Great article! Do you not have a queue system? I've always ended up needing one for whatever I build.

    Disclosure: I built Ralley 😅

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      Oh yeah, I use Laravel's own queue system via Horizon - another package they provide for auto scaling redis workers. Its pretty great.

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    Very well documented. I too use almost the same kind of Laravel tech stack for my side project (with a small difference - using livewire instead of Vue).

    I am really of the opinion that Laravel needs to be explored by more of indiehacker community. It's a treasure drove of utilities, packages and above all fast learning curve!

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    I've decided to start blogging on my own site and this is my first entry. A mostly high level overview of the different components that make my startup tick. I love reading about how things work under the hood so it's only fitting I contribute my own learnings.

    I think it's an informative read for all founders - even if you're not from a technical background.

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