A BPO digital marketing firm to leverage the significantly cheaper talent here in India and source clients from the US.

Hey anyone interested in starting a BPO side hustle. You basically get clients that need branding, graphic designs, web dev, app dev, or anything really from the US or other countries. And I help your clients get work done through a network of freelancers here in India. My forte is in choosing the right freelancer and helping them give their best output while ensuring they are paid a slightly higher fee for the higher quality of work. I am looking for a hustler who can help me, source clients, from the US. I will be setting up a website and list our services and work there and then register as a business. All you have to do is print out a few pamphlets and do come sold pitches. We will split profits equally, It's not a unique idea it's all in the details and the quality of our work and service. HMU if you're genuinely interested.

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    Do some cold pitches *

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    I am setting up a technology consulting company hq'ed in NYC and am looking for some digital marketing services to offer my customers...would love to chat and see how we can work together.

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