A breath rundown of Sewellstephenscom history 2017-2021

Although Sewell Stephens was started back before the end of 2017, It was run on a different website address. This will not cover that time period. Enjoy!!!

I decide to start a website, so I buy the first things any website owner buys. Hosting, Domain name, and a business email address. I want to call the website advertising.sewellstephens.com, but I screw that whole idea since I would have to set up cname DNS records and don't understand that concept at the time. So I end up sticking with sewellstephens.com without the dot since that seems overwhelmingly complicated. Before building the website, I create my company logo. I decide to stick with Green and Purple since those are my favorite colors. (It ended up looking horrible but this is my first real website so what you expect) I add a black header, a logo, a few menu items, and a Call-to-Action button. Very plain but ok for right now I guess. I then a few days later start adding features such as members area, advertising tools, (Which I no longer offer) and a bunch of other stuff. I work on those services for now and build them up. Then a year or two later I decide to go more advanced. I decided to create an advertising software platform. (It ended horribly and was too much work) I work on that for an extremely long time and finally give up since its too much work. Then I decide to create a GDPR compliance software called Rototer. I start it on a new website called rototer.com and work on that for a little while. I then change Sewellstephens.com into a software company. I create a policy generator and a bunch of other GDPR compliance resources at people's fingertips. It gets finished after a few months. Once I finish that I then create Twayobiz file-sharing software. I start it on a new site called twayobiz.com. I make it so that people can upload files and share them within minutes. I am still currently working on this service.

I hope you enjoyed this summary of Sewellstephens.com.

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