A coaching service for indie hackers

Do you know of any coaching / psychology service directed specifically to indie hackers? As indie hackers, I think we have similar problems that may affect our day to day: fears, anxiety, etc.

What's your thoughts? Do you know anything like this?


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    Try to get in touch with some other indie hackers. Build a relationship. After a while, you'll naturally start supporting each other.

    This is not a replacement for professional therapy / coaching but it helps to have someone in the same position as you who knows a lot of your struggles themselves.

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      Yes, for sure! I actually have a good net of colleagues, family and friends around me; however, I was thinking that some kind of coaching (just focused on the problems that are derived from the development of my side project) could be something really interesting (at least for me). I was curious to see if there was anything out there.

      Thanks for your response!

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        I second this. I joined a mastermind group through microconf and had good luck: https://microconf.com/masterminds

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          Hey Karl, that service sounds interesting! Could you please give me more info about how the connections are kept once you join a group? Do you Discord, Slack or Zoom? Also, how big is the group you're in? Thanks!

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            It's very hands off from Microconfs side, they just introduced us over email and stepped out.

            But, we all keep up with a Bi-weekly email and meeting and a private slack in the Microconf Slack team.

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        Nice to hear that you've got a nice net of people you like. That's super valuable. 👍

        Good luck with your projects! :)

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    Hey @ojoven!

    I actually offer UX coaching where I help fellow founders ship, iterate and learn from their users - I am now working with two clients http://wonder-path.com is one of them and I mainly focus on supporting them, guiding them and also providing senior UX strategy advice. You can find more at jimzarkadas.com

    I have also hired a coach for growing my Twitter community (I wrote more about it here https://www.indiehackers.com/post/i-hired-a-twitter-coach-to-help-me-build-my-twitter-community-92410bcc4e)

    Finally regarding the life coaching I do weekly therapy sessions with a psychologist and use these sessions to keep myself calm, happy and aware of what's going on. Personally I am a huge fan of therapy and not life-coaching. Overcoming your fears, insecurities etc. is all about learning how to interpret your emotions, reactions and overall behaviour. Therapy sessions will increase a lot your intelligence and will help you learn how to observe yourself. Life-coaching from my experience is focused on gratitude and positivity and this is not enough. Anxiety, fears and insecurities come from past experiences and you need to go really deep to get rid of them :D

    Hope I helped!

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      Hey Jim, thanks so much for your detailed response.
      I sent you an email.

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    @mikeltorres Coach and indie hacker here. I’ve worked with indie hackers before and other founders. More than happy to help however I can.

    I’ve found there are some coaches that work with founders but many have a focus on venture funded companies vs bootstrapped ones usually due to budget. Many of the anxieties, fears and sense of needing to succeed interestingly enough I’ve seen to be similar between founders. Between venture funded founders much of the anxiety is surrounding money raised and fast growth to get the next round whereas with indie hackers it’s staying alive with the funds you have, supporting the life you just walked away from or getting the life you want.

    Feel free to reach out and we can connect!


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      Hey! Sure, how can I reach you?

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    Hey, @ojoven. What exactly are you looking for in the service? Can you elaborate a bit?

    While I don't know of any such service, however as someone who writes a newsletter on psychology and has previously done a course in it, I would love to help you out with your issue. Please feel free to reach me out on Twitter 😀

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      Hey! Yes, I was wondering if there was some kind of coaching services for indie hackers. Something that could help with usual problems like:

      • Fear of failure / success
      • Conciliation between personal / professional and indie hacking time
      • Lack of spaces where to share individual project problems

      I know that many of them are handled by the community, and that's great! I was just curious about any indie hacker that worked the psychology area that maybe was doing some coaching / therapy sessions. Maybe it could be nice?

      (I added you to a private indie hackers Twitter list and subscribed to your newsletter; it looks quite related to UX psychology, that actually is an area that I'm passionate about).

      Cheers, Vaibhav.

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        While community can certainly help in a lot of things, you are right with the issues on individual level. There are still quite a few things which can only be resolved by individual talk.

        Through some of the experience & progress so far, I can certainly try to help in this regard. If you don't mind, would you be up for a talk over email?

        Thanks for the addition. Hope you enjoy the newsletter!

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