Ideas and Validation April 6, 2020

A collection of UX case studies — which may or may not be any good.

Peter @ Built for Mars @PeteRamsey

Hey all,

I've created Built for Mars — a side blog to publish UX case studies.

I still don't have a proper logo yet, but I've published case studies on a bunch of popular services like GoDaddy, Disney+, Eventbrite and Monzo.

Would love:

A) Feedback on the concept / site in general.
B) Suggestions of which companies to do case studies on next.


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    Nice site/design.

    I like the image/slides type aspect for communicating stuff, how do you go about doing that?

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      Hey. I create presentations and put them in a slideshow (series of JPEGs). One day I'd love to dev my own software to be more optimised... but for now it works!

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    Very cool content ! I'm not a UX designer myself but interested and always happy to learn more on the topic. Your advices are really accessible. I reposted your blog on a french UX/UI group and people loved it !

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      Oh amazing, thank you for doing that!

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    I liked your insight.

    As someone else mentioned, I would love to see Airbnb or any kind of marketplace. Displaying information to users without overloading them while being informative is one of my main challenges.

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      Okay I'll add Airbnb to the list!

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    Some good analysis in there. The the Disney page slides took a while to load, maybe 30 seconds before i saw anything but a loading spinner. From a technical perspective its a bit weird to make me download 30MB of jpegs before I even see the first slide.

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      Yeah, I want to make it faster and have tried lazy loading the slides, but I found that performance lagged and ruined the general experience.

      It's annoying to wait 30 seconds for it to load, but then it seems to work well. Otherwise people would find the slider unresponsive etc.

      Definitely annoying though, especially on larger slides (Disney was my largest by a long way).

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    As an avid UX case study collector (, I love these. Also, looks like a nice segway into your consulting service. Curious to know more about your strategy there?

    My only feedback would be to add some kind of sub CTA for signing up in the hero section. At least in your early days. I can let you know from experience that it makes a big difference! Also, not sure if you need (free) in your sub CTA, might feel a bit value degrading (?).

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      Oh, love your site. Thanks for the suggestions. If you ever wanted to colab on something let me know.

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        Sounds good, @PeteRamsey! Always up for great collabs :)

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    Good site and great bio. Signed up and followed you on Twitter.

    I'd like to see a Netflix walkthrough. I'd also love to see a finTech or health app that you would see as an interesting UX study. I'm having trouble finding good ones in these categories.

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      I've been working on a few FinTechs, so you'll see those very soon. Health app would be interesting, do you mean the Apple Health app or another in particular?

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        Actually Apple Health would be great. Modern Health might be good to look at for the experience.

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          Great, will add Apple Health to the list!

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    Cool blog, I like the case study on Mario because it's crazy to me how an organisation can spend soo much money on creating a game but can't fix small details that make a difference. The minute I felt frustrated with the app I deleted it and never came back.

    I would like to see a case study for Airbnb because everyone seems to talk about it

    Good luck with your blog

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      Ah amazing, thanks. Will add Airbnb to the list!

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    Looks cool, signed up! :)

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      Hey, thanks! Any suggestions on what to add next?