A comics style landing page (b2c fintech)

Hi guys, I would like to get your feedback on the new Cash Coach landing page: https://cashcoach.io/

  1. How would you describe the product in 1 sentence?
  2. How much would you need it from 1 to 5?
  3. How much do you like the design from 1 to 5?

Thanks all

  1. 2

    I love the design. Thank you to make something different :)
    However, too much text, I scrolled many times to see all the text...

    1. 1

      Got it, will make it shorter

  2. 2

    Hey Sam - cool product! Love the comic style, it stands out versus lots of other B2C fintech. We're in a similar space and find that lots of the products look same-y in a way that yours doesn't.

    I'd definitely recommend more social proof (i.e. here are some people that love it) and video :)

    1. 1

      Hi Oli, glad you like it. I created Cash Coach because I didn't like any budgeting app, they all looked boring to me.

      Good point on social proof. Do you want to see photos of members? Because they are all anonymous

      I had a look at moneycado and it solves a problem I had for years whenever going out on holidays with friends. However Revolut made bill splitting much easier.
      Since we are in similar space, I'd like to know how is it going for you? Charging people for finance apps is notoriously hard!

  3. 2

    The illustrations are great but there is FAR too much to read. You need a video.

    1. 1

      Got it. What kind of video, a product demo?

      1. 1

        Yeah like the typical "explainer video" that people talk about.

        1. 1

          Ok, I made a quick and dirty video: https://youtu.be/2ce28AMMyiY
          Something in those lines with higher quality?

  4. 2
    1. Application that gamifies my savings (which is pretty cool if I have my friends on it)
    2. 2
    3. 3 It looks great on Chrome, but it seems something is broken when I load the page on firefox.
    1. 1

      Interesting, what would you like to do with your friends in the app?

      Oh yeah it does not work on Firefox... Will need to fix that next week

      1. 1

        I reasoned that if the ranking can show friends/some special group, it provides more motivation to be at the top of it.

        1. 1

          So you want to compete against your friends :)
          Are you comfortable with the idea of sharing your spending details and monthly saving with them? Or do you prefer keeping it hidden?

          1. 1

            I hadn't thought of it this way. I'm not comfortable sharing my spending habits.

            1. 1

              Like most people :)
              Still many users tell me they want to compete with their friends. Are you happy just seeing your ranking or who saved the most during the month?

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    Love the style! Stands out compared to other pages and looks professional

  6. 2
    1. Personal finance coaching app
    2. 3 I downloaded it to try
    3. 5 Looks good, I love the art style

    By looking at the page a few seconds, I understand the goal of the app, but not how it will work.

    Maybe you should change the main catch phrase to make it more clear. Mentionning somewhere "our users save an average xxx$ per month" would be great.

    Edit: awesome idea to have a demo mode. I did not want to connect my bank account before knowing what the app will do and I think Im not the only one

    1. 1

      Hi Romain, it's funny that you mentioned that you like the demo mode because most users go straight to sign-up.
      Have you ever used to other apps that sync with your banks like Bankin` or Linxo?

      1. 1

        Yes I do, I'm using Bankin

        1. 1

          Bankin has better coverage of French banks. Are you happy with it? What made you trust them to link your bank(s)?

  7. 2
    1. This looks interesting.
    2. 3
    3. I like the design and the comic strips, but when you get to the section "the rules" I get a bit of scroll fatigue. Each section starts with a verb: Connect, Pick, Track, which is good. If you could illustrate this process using illustrations I think the user would enjoy learning about the product much more. Just my opinion. Not too well versed with UI/UX best practices.
    1. 1

      Thank you. So you would prefer more comics illustrations instead of app screenshots?

      1. 2

        Yeah, I think the app screenshots are kind of antiquated. Heres a post of designing app screenshots for the mobile app store.


        Basically it's fewer words, larger fonts and images to illustrate what the app does. Or highlighting UI in the screenshot. I think these points can also be applied to an app's landing page.

        1. 1

          Very good article, although I am not sure whether it is equally relevant on website

  8. 1

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