Building in Public October 16, 2020

A Complete List: Building In Public [Updated]

Antonio Gary Jr. @antoniocgjr

I can't keep up with the request at this point, so if you can submit using the link below, that would be great.

Also, I'm releasing the compiled database on Monday, so keep an eye out.

Build In Public Database


Everyone is building their projects in public but it's fragmented and tough to keep up with each project. That's why I thought it would be great if everyone shared what they're building.

Share your website, project/company name, info about what you're building, tag line, and Twitter address. This way, I can compile the list and share it with everyone.

My thinking is that this would be a helpful resource for those looking to meet other creators, get inspo, and see what people are working on.

What are you building?

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    For now I'm just looking around and getting new ideas. :)

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    how cool is this idea!

    I rebuilding and designing, responsive Tailwind CSS templates. and I share it through this account.

    I am reworking on it to give it more personality and because I got validated on PH last week.

    new wt

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      Loving this! keep up the solid work.

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    Thanks for doing this! I'm building (a React codebase & UI generator) and sharing my experience on

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      Of course! Thanks for sharing, and your site looks great.

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    Insofar as I can, I'm building out my newsletter in public @

    Trying to be open with the thought process throughout

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    Hey good idea man!

    I’m Alex, founder of, a SaaS app that helps e-commerce merchants design and display promotional banners and pop ups on their website.

    It’s a side project that I’ve been working on for about a year now. The plan is to grow revenue and replace my day job.

    I’m trying my best to build in public! You can check out our baremetrics open startup page. Currently we’re at $460 MRR! 🚀

    I also regularly post product updates here on IndieHackers.

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    I'm building
    Replace traditional forms with a people-friendly one.
    I post updates on

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    I'm building Podcast Ping, vlogging my journey on
    one hour saas

    Podcast Ping is uptime/monitoring built for podcasters.
    My twitter is: @mubashariqbal

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      Would you be able to share your site and all of that good stuff?

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    Cool Idea :) I’m building Deliberate Python (a way to master python fundamentals with spaced repetition).

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      Thanks man! My python game similar to others is in need of some TLC.

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    Great idea! I share my journey as I'm building micro-startups on (and also on twitter on a more regular basis:

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    This is really cool. Thanks for compiling this!


    I’m building and launched the beta of it just the other day.

    You can find me on Twitter:

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    Sounds like a cool idea!
    My project is !

    Decent is an ad-free, privacy-first Twitter reading experience

    My twitter handle @christian_fei

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    I am working on, It's a list of open startups... basically a collection of products that are built in public. If you guys have your startups to list that shares metrics openly, ley me know and I will add them.

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    I’m building Get Git Me publicly with livestreams for every step of my build process. From business strategy, roadmap, product design, and actual product development - it’s all live streamed on YouTube. You can follow my YouTube channel

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    I curates and summarises business strategies from businesses at

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    I'm building BlockSurvey - a privacy focused survey platform. and I share updates here

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