A curated list of 20+ jobs in the Creator Economy!

    1. 2

      Awesome! I've created a website to showcase these kind of jobs, I will make sure to add yours 🔥

  1. 1

    sorry, where is the list?

    1. 1

      Hey Steve, if you scroll a bit through the comment section, you will find plenty of founders who are proposing jobs in the Creator Economy! With 30+ comments, it makes a good list 💪

      1. 1

        What comment section? All I see above is a twitter screenshot. No links to anything else. The twitter screenshot takes me to your twitter feed which (to us non-twitter peopl) is just full of ... no idea, but no list I can see ;-(

        1. 3

          I've created this website so you can see the jobs. Hope it helps you! 👇


          1. 1

            oh fab, thank you @EliotC - perfect for those of us scared of twitter ;-)

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