A decade worth of bootstrapping a SaaS in the PR industry - AMA

Hi Everyone,

I'm Jesse, co-founder of Prezly, a SaaS in the PR software niche. We started building Prezly in 2008 and incorporated in 2010 into our current form. Currently, we're well into 7-figure recurring revenue and have 20 people working for us across the globe.

Having been working on the same project for so long, it really feels like we've made every mistake there is to be made. Yet, I feel every month, quarter, year I'm learning something new and becoming better at what I do. This is probably the main reason why both my co-founder and I still love what we do, and couldn't imagine working on anything else.

We've been through many challenging periods, but ever since we've been able to start paying ourselves and hire our constantly growing team, things have gotten easier. Where we evolved from a "DO NOT DIE" strategy to a company that has a vision for the future and the role it wants to play in building it.

As founders, we're always looking forward and know the best is still to come. We're excited about the future, but sometimes have to remind ourselves to look back and be grateful for how far we've already come.

Looking forward to everyone's questions.

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    Hi! As most of the founders here are in the beginning stages, how did you reach your initial customers?

    What is the most challenging aspect of growing the company to the next stage?

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      Our first customer was my employer at the time. This gave us the validation to get some peer-companies.

      I believe the main challenges for us right now are both related to team and marketing.

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