A Fintech Startup that is a Better Alternative to PayJoy

Meet ‘NuovoPay’ a better Alternative to ‘Payjoy’ — Make smartphone leasing easy irrespective of users’ credit history using ‘Mobile Locking Technology’ to protect leased devices against non-payment.

Nuovopay helping technology financing companies, device leasing companies, and telecom carriers to protect their leased devices against non-payments. And all of this, over the air. For example, if you are a telecom carrier that has leased devices. In case of non-payment, you have to set up a manual device recovery team when payment has defaulted. Your customer has to return the device they are using, and all their personalized settings on the device are lost. So even if they lease a new device, they have to set it up from scratch.

NuovoPay provides a solution for both sides of the problem. You can lock your leased devices against non-payment from the NuovoPay dashboard. The customer cannot access the device until they complete the pending payment. Once the payment is fulfilled, you can unlock the device (again remotely) and the customer can start using it as is, with all their settings intact.

With NuovoPay, technology leasing companies can lease out mobile devices, tablets as well as POS- Point of Sale systems easily.

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Here's the link - https://nuovopay.com/book-a-demo/

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    Amazing product idea. You can also use some apps for your Iphone or Ipad. See the article of note taking apps for Iphone.

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    Hi , great product. How can you or the founder be reached?

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    Hey Alok, are you the founder of this company?

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      This comment was deleted a year ago.

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