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Hi hackers,

I am a product manager by profession and I enjoy formulating ideas about new SaaS apps and improving current popular or emerging ones. I have run SaaS development agency and I can ideate a SaaS very fast and can explain features in layman terms.

I want to start a side project that I am good at and focused on a productized service. Do you think this idea may be something that will interest you or I am already late? :/


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    I would love to read a productized service focused newsletter? Any chance we can see some sample work from you :) @muntasir

    1. 1

      Currently I have project boards for client's projects which I'm not allowed to share. I will setup a few sample work next weekend and share here :)

      1. 1

        Awesome! Keen to exchange opinions too. See if you wanna chat via twitter: https://twitter.com/felix12777

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    There are quite a number of newsletters that target this niche already but I won't call it saturated, so what USP will yours have?

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      My goal is to provide actionable plans like an outline of MVP & places to find target personas etc along with the ideas.

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