A free template to reposition your product

tl;dr Free Google doc positioning template: (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1eS2DTd0dDl9ScRMXTIVzPaR4ne5imqg2I6BSQC78Lks/

I've been struggling to find a significant number of users for my product, Mugshot Bot. I made the micro-service to solve my problem then validated it with a few users.

But new folks just don't seem to "get it".

So I revisited Obviously Awesome, a short book on how to nail positioning. I've gone through it a few times and am always amazed at how effective it is.

I spent the next two days following through the book and writing everything down in a Google doc. In the spirit of building in public I invited Twitter to join, too!

After lots of requests I created a template so you can do the same for your app.

Here's a free Google doc to reposition your product. It has instructions and a link to my positioning so you can get a better feel for how it works.


If you use it to reposition your product comment below! I'd love to hear how it went.

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    This is great. Also I think your product is awesome, I actually just shared it in my company slack the other day. @joemasilotti

    1. 2

      🤗 That's amazing to hear! Thank you so much.

      I would love to hear what your company thinks. Even if no one decides to use it. If you don't mind getting in touch, please send me an email [email protected]

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    April is awesome. I first heard about her and her positioning book in the SaaS Podcast and have been following her ever since.


    I would suggest you turn editing off for a while... otherwise you might risk people screwing up with the template with their own products. Also, in order to give nudge people towards filling it out, why don't you start off with a gallery of product by name, starting from the Mugshot Bot, so that it also serve as a way to let others know about what you're building?

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      Odd, I thought I had only comments turned on. Am I missing something?

      sharing options

      Good idea on a product spotlight, I'll add that today!

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        I think you have "suggestions" turned on. I can both comment and suggest. Suggestions are like text edits that's formatted differently.

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          Apparently they are tied together. You can only enable both are neither! Ha, oh well. I'll leave them on for a bit until they get unwieldy. :D

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    Fantastic document and summary of the book, thanks a lot for your work, we will use your template to think about the positioning of https://thedailymetrics.com

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      Thank you! I'm looking forward to your repositioning. When you're done, let me know and I'll add a link to the showcase.

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