A good Tool for Facebook interest targeting

If you run ads on Facebook, if your cost is always high, but the ROI is very low. please take a look. Here is a good tool that may help you optimize your advertising strategy. 👉https://adtargeting.io/

In fact, when your interest targeting is not accurate enough, fewer people will click on your ads, which will give you a low 'click-through-rate' and higher advertising costs. Therefore, there is an idea to reduce costs by finding more accurate interests.

We build a platform for Facebook advertisers to target interests and analyze. Here you can find hundreds of interests, which are hidden on Facebook. I believe this product can help you a lot. click here🙏

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    I wrote you an email about a potential partnership of our platforms. Please check your inbox.

    Find out more about our new European market data collection product. We help you make decisions and make your marketing investments more effective. Take a look on our website: panopticinsights.com

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      Thank you very much, I received your email. If we need it, we will contact you

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    Thanks for sharing the tool @AdTargeting. Are you getting traction around this idea? And also, are you fetching the data from Facebook officially or some other database? Asking this to understand the reliability around the data provided in the tool.

    Audience insights is going away pretty soon but was anyone using it actively before? Because there were lot of instances with me where the data wasn't very accurate or had lot of errors while fetching 🤔

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      of course, our data comes from facebook officially. providing users with accurate data is our goal. If you compare the audience size of interests on the Facebook Ad manager and AdTargeing, I believe you can judge whether the data is reliability.
      audience insights is used by people, but they prefer to use interest targeting. We also recently discovered that Audience Insights is going away. Later we may turn to research business Suite, it has changed a lot.

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        Ohh okay! Thanks for answering the question :)

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    Another piece of feedback, it's fairly easy to view results that I'm not supposed to be able to see without logging in because it's only obfuscated on the front end. Not sure if that's a priority though

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      You are very careful, but this is okay. Thank you for using

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    Having an ad blocker on your site seems to break it pretty substantially. Works fine after I turned it off though

    1. 1

      Thank you for discovering this problem. I installed AdBlock and found that the entire website was blocked. How could this happen? It seems that if the URL contains 'ad', it will be blocked

  5. 1

    I tried it. I search for "video editing", and it times out.

    1. 1

      I think this is due to your ad blocker. Turning mine off allowed me to check out the site

      1. 1

        It's not working for me, even with ad blocker off (firefox)

        1. 1

          The website seems have some problems on firefox, I'm very sorry, can you use Google browser, please?

          1. 1

            Can't make any promises - since I use Google with adblocker, and Firewox without :)

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    Audience analysis tool? Maybe I can help you test it, is this free?

    1. 1

      Very looking forward to your use and hope it can help you

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