Growth June 29, 2020

A Guide to Advertising on Reddit: How I sold 325 courses on Learning Python with Fantasy Football in 2 months.


For those out there selling courses, this one's for you. I recently released a product on Learning Python with Fantasy Football almost all on the side (I have a day-job as a Tax Accountant - if boring accountants can do it, you can too!) and it's been a success so far. 95% of my revenue comes from Reddit and posting free content to Reddit. Reddit is ranked near the top in terms of web traffic for all sites depending on what metric you use, but Reddit is also notoriously difficult to advertise on and has frequently scared off even the best marketers. I've had some success though - so here's my tips.

Here's the link for those that want to check out my site.

1. Hang out and post on the subreddit that best matches your niche.

Most of you know this already (This is the equivalent of the proverbial advice of "hang out at the watering holes"), but it can't be understated enough. I comment and post regularly on the /r/fantasyfootball and /r/learnpython subs, and it's not always with the intention of advertising things. I'll talk fantasy football and argue about whether or not Clyde Edwairds-Hellaire is overhyped on expert draft rankings this year at /r/fantasyfootball, and help beginners out with their code over at /r/learnpython.

2. Post original, free content

The key is that I offer free content for everyone who does not want to purchase anything, and I'm completely fine with people only reading through my free content. I post my free OC to various subs (mostly /r/fantasyfootball) and respond to all of the comments.

I care about my free content and work hard on making the best posts possible. I spent 4 months releasing free content before releasing my course. Every time I post on Reddit, I post my free blog series, and then leave a link to the course in case anyone is remotely interested. Almost always, someone comments asking for more information, and then I simply reply and answer honestly about what my product offers. Other Redditors see my comment and upvote, and this is all the information they need.

3. Use your actual Reddit account.

A good rule of thumb: You can be a Reddit user with a website, but you can't be website with a reddit account.

This can't be understated enough, use your actual reddit account. Don't make a new account to market your business - this is a huge no no and you will most certainly get downvoted every time you post. If you don't want your embarrassing post from /r/relationshipadvice about that one time you and your ex-girlfriend got into a huge argument at Thanksgiving dinner linked to your business identity, delete it, but use your reddit account. Redditors will search through your post and comment history and make sure your an actual user and are active on other subreddits. This comes back to point number one.

4. Be honest about what you're offering

Redditors don't actually hate advertisers, they hate dishonesty. I don't offer a silver bullet to anyone purchasing my course that they will win their Fantasy Football league. I usually get comments on my posts such as

"If I purchase this, does that mean I'll win my (Fantasy Football) league?"

And I always tell them, point blank,

"I cannot guarantee you will win your league if you purchase my course. If you're looking for a silver bullet, this isn't the place. What I do guarantee is that you will learn a new and valuable skill by applying it to something you enjoy, Fantasy Football, and that is honestly the best way to learn to code."

This is my key value proposition, always, and I stick to it. Almost always, people reply something along the lines of

"Thanks for your honesty, I'm definitely be checking this out when I get home".

This type of honesty is definitely something that would drive people away on other platforms, but Redditors actually really do appreciate this type of transparency, and it works.

This post is quickly becoming a novel - so thanks for reading and hope this helped. You guys are freakin awesome.

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    Some great points in here @FFDataPros. Thanks for sharing your Reddit tips!