A happy story / the magic of Indie Hackers ✨

I've been hanging around here less often lately, but I wanted to share a couple of happy stories with you, involving two awesome people I met through IndieHackers who I've collaborated with.

  1. I met @madebyporter - another intuitive, creative introvert and loved his vibe and his music. You can find it on Spotify here (I often use it as background music to work to)

I ended up interviewing Chris for my podcast (it'll be released in December - I just knew I had to have him on), and purchasing one of Chris's tracks for my intro/outro music. He's a top guy, and is continuing to help/advise me on taking the podcast to the next level, moving beyond 'MVP' to a better-quality show. You can find out more about Chris and his work over here.

  1. I met @dr on IndieHackers at just the right time, when it was time for me to move from Substack to my own host. He was also someone whose story/vibe I loved - another creative introvert too ;)

Ghost was the answer, and Dan helped me get up-and-running on a self-hosted site. I was a little nervous as all of this was unknown territory for me... Dan jumped on a call to answer my questions, and the transition from Substack -> Ghost + Discourse (self-hosted) was seamless. Gloat now even offers its own hosting.

I'm a big believer in things/people showing up at the right time, and Chris & Dan definitely did for me. Both top guys.

  1. 1

    Hi Jas - I'm putting something together that works like Linktree/Linkfire, but for podcasting. Would you like to try out out? Here's some samples of stuff that's on it:

    Problem Solvers podcast: https://mtrn.me/jfps
    Gimlet's How To Save A Planet: https://mtrn.me/htsap

    Works best on mobile. Cards show up nicely on TW/FB too.

    Let me know if you'd like to give it a go!

    1. 1

      Sure! I'd be curious to compare how it would look compared to:

      1. 2

        Sure! Will email you the link shortly.

        Done! Check your email, let me know if you didn't receive it.

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