Ideas and Validation February 15, 2020

A huge collection of app ideas

Dylan Wilson @craftworkgames

I recently found this great GitHub repository of app ideas and I wanted to share it with the IH community.

The projects are not really intended to be full profitable business ideas but I feel that it's still hugely valuable for a few reasons:

  • looking through the list and playing with the demos might inspire new ideas
  • if you're trying to learn how to code they are great projects to learn with since the skills lend themselves well to real world applications (that's what they are destined for)
  • they also help you think about projects in terms of user stories which is quite different to most other learn to code resources I've seen

Anyway, it's one to bookmark.

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    That's pretty cool Dylan, thanks for sharing!

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    Great stuff

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    Pretty good. But those user stories are actually acceptance criteria.

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      Indeed you're right. To be honest I didn't notice that before, I was just going off what he wrote in the main readme.

      In my defence, I had no involvment in creating this repository. I just thought it was interesting.

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      Yeah, I've always written user stories from the user's perspective following the "As a <user type> I want to <thing to accomplish> so that <benefit>" template.