Growth January 21, 2020

A little content marketing success!

James Baldwin @jwbaldwin

Over the past 2 months I've setup and started blogging on, as well as cross-posting to and

I've had no luck with medium. But has been awesome!

I wanted to share the TINY bit of success I've had, as I wasn't sure if blogging would actually do anything for me, so hopefully this encourages others to start doing it as well!

I really like the idea of giving back in some way. And blogging has actually been a lot more fun than I expected!

Stats and breakdown below!

Traffic to Products/Personal blog
📝 4 Blog posts (2x month, an easy goal I set)
📊 88 Users to
📊 259 Users to (only mentioned in my last blog)
📤 3 Article shares on twitter from DevHub, ElixirDev, and another
📧 +5 Signups to
This really grew a lot more than I thought. And it's really encouraging. :)

😃+436 Followers (started with 0)
🎉 158 Post reactions
👀 2,115 Total post views

(For those interested, here's the breakdown)
1st post
🎉 9 Post reactions
👀 Under 100 Post views

2nd post
🎉 6 Post reactions
👀 104 Post views

3rd post
🎉 69 Post reactions
👀 1478 Post views

4th post
🎉 74 Post reactions
👀 498 Total post views

  1. 2

    Congrats! Amazing numbers @jwbaldwin

    What is the biggest lesson in setting up the content goal? And would you move forward?

    I'm also thinking about the content direction for my side hustle, it would be awesome to hear your advice.

    btw, is really cool!

    1. 1

      I appreciate it! Thanks :)

      Hmm biggest lesson for me: don't over think it - be consistent. The consistency of my writing is far more important than having a killer blog post idea. So when it's time to write, I sit down, choose one of the ideas I scribbled down, and write!

      Not worrying about making it perfect, or writing a specific kind of article, has really freed me to just get content out there.

      First of all, looks awesome. It also looks like it's in a position where you could write blogs specific to you niche (how to use the product, how to make a good slide deck, etc.). For me, I wanted to grow my personal audience first, and that may be the same for you.

      But the best advice I ever got was "start yesterday"! Good luck!

      And thanks ;) It's coming along!

      1. 1

        Do you use any tools @jwbaldwin to improve your writing?

        Thanks for the advice, will definitely incorporate in the future.

        1. 1

          Nothing aside from grammarly! (and using the edit feature a lot after publishing)

  2. 2

    This is amazing! Congratulations! I'm a huge fan of organic growth (search has been my main traffic source for It's absolutely incredible what just a little bit of writing will do for your website - and it's all long-term and free!

    1. 2

      Thanks so much! And 100%! It feels great :)

  3. 2

    Nice. Thanks for sharing James. All these small wins add up my friend! :)

    1. 1

      Thanks!! That’s the hope, learning a ton while I’m at it :)

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