A Medium alternative with podcast and blog referrals

A publishing platform for blogs and podcasts that helps you grow exponentially by making your readers your ambassadors. Presage helps you publish a blog with newsletter features. We use referrals and SEO to help you grow your blog .

Feel free to ask any question


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    Couple of things:

    • make sure to let writers add a canonical link like dev.to and Medium do
    • the contact and pricing links in your hamburger are dead, take them out or point or fix them 😀
    1. 2

      Hi, Kevin from Presage here. Thanks for the feedback! Presage is still in development/pre-launch and we're actively working on a pricing plan. We're trying to go for a Substack-Esque subscription model. We're definitely going to add canonical links; w are also planning on releasing a public API so developers can use presage as sort of a CMS.

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