A mobile app without any push notifications?

Hey there!

I'd like to ask for advice regarding push notifications for mobile devices.

I'm creating a sort of a personal task logger / task management app, yet I'm unsure whether I'd like to keep notifications or not.

We get so many notifications from social media, work apps, chat apps and whatnot. So I thought it might be wise to experiment with not being able to set notifications when using a task logger to develop a mindful and concise approach to planning and completing tasks.

This way a user cannot rely on notifications to remind them here and there about tasks to do. They would have to develop a habit of managing their tasks in a mindful way.

It would also eliminate the risk of deleting app's notifications either occasionally or intentionally, because we tend to clear notifications off our screens.

Of course, such approach is experimental and might not be suitable for everybody. However, if you know specific examples when this did (or didn't) work, or if you'd like to give your particular thoughts on it - please share them!

P.S. I'm not talking about a project management app, where notifications about deadlines, feature requests, meetings and so on are mandatory. I'm ideating around a notification-less concept for a personal task management app.


Would you prefer (or give a try to) a personal task management app without notifications?
  1. Yes, I'd give it a try
  2. I tried and it didn't work out
  3. No, I prefer to always get reminded of tasks
  1. 1

    For me, it sounds perfect.

    But for sure there're people that need notifications.

    So why not introduce notifications as an option? The user can decide if they want to keep the notifications turned on or not.

  2. 1

    I think this could work for some people - I work with my tasks on a paper to do list and just check it by habit few times a day.
    Nevertheless it would be great to have notifications if you set a reminder for a really important task with a deadline or something.

    1. 2

      Thank you for your opinion!

      What if these tasks are just personal development tasks or something that is tied to your personality rather then work or smth.

      Like reading, stretching, running, etc.

      For example, someone wants to read a book. So they set to read 10 pages per day.

      It won't end the world if they missed a few days of reading, but they would have a clear understanding that they do not contribute to their overall goal.

      Therefore, a lack of reminders might, on the one hand, contribute to them forgetting to do so. On the other hand, they would clearly see that they don't stand up to what they've set.

      What do you think?

      1. 1

        If you view it from this perspective, you're absolutely right! Then there is no need for a reminder. :)

  3. 1

    Great job. Keep going!

    1. 1

      Do you believe though, that a mobile app without push reminders is a viable option?

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