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A new career and legit certification

Evening all,

My wife is currently working for the NHS in the U.K. but it’s getting tiresome and she is looking for a new career.

Her plan is to eventually obtain a degree in one of the computer/IT fields but before that she just wants to get online and do short courses to get her going. I have sent her to freecodecamp/YouTube to start and was wondering if there is anything else out there that people recommend?

I am also very new to the industry (as a hobby) and she asked me about certification given with online courses, are these worth it? Are they something people show on their portfolios? These questions were brought about after she was looking at a site called code first girls and it mentions a certificate is given on completion of their courses.

Thanks in advance!

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    Google offers some certification programs on Coursera. More here https://grow.google/certificates/#?modal_active=none
    You need to pay only the monthly subscription to Coursera, which is $50.
    You can also take the courses one by one and audit them for free and no certificate, or pay the fee, take the whole program, pass the exams and earn the certificate in the end.

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