A new Frenchy Indie Hacker!

Hi friends,

I'm Vincent a Frenchy living currently in Boston, MA.

Before moving to the States (my wife had a huge business opportunity), I co-founded Yearn, a marketplace where you could book or host creative workshops. I shot down the company to move to Boston.

It took me a year to find a job here, and luckily I've been reached out by a startup developing eco-friendly products to become their Digital Marketing and Ecommerce manager. It was an amazing adventure that ended a bit too soon, at the beginning of the covid situation (out of cash).

During the past 3 years, I helped my wife growing her community on YouTube (6k subscribers, highly engaged) and leveraging SEO on a brand-new Webflow blog (7K unique visitors a month).

She started to receive more and more questions about ethical and sustainable brands available out there. So we decided to build from the ground up a directory of French ethical brands (thanks Bubble.io) based on strict guidelines to analyse brands and make sure they respect sustainable values.

From the drawings to the very first live prototype, it took us about 2 months. Learning Bubble has been quite a thing as there is a steep learning curve. We started to apply UX design principles (I took all my courses on IxDF) by testing our prototype with 12 alpha testers in order to improve dramatically the UI/UX.

Currently in beta with a 100 testers, we are gently heading to the official launch on March 19th. Our next step is setting up the programmatic SEO on brand/category/label pages, and then starting developing from scratch the affiliate network with each indexed brand.

If you speak French and would like to know when Piplette will be launched on March 19th, you can leave your email here: Piplette.co

Feel free to ask any question, I would be happy to be more extensive on certain topics and even make a post on how I'm growing Piplette.

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